Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the hunt has begun!


Edweird Gray said...

Ray, this is pure awesome, not much more to say.



Anonymous said...

Nice, I like how you did the water up. I also really liked the stuff you did on 'Maybe' (I was one of the interns)

agnes said...

i'm a first year animation student at Sheridan. I got your blogspot from Alan Cook after i asked him if he knew who did that sequence of drawings of a man reading a book, that was in the showcases last year.

I really like your style and i was wondering if it'd be possible for me to get like a reprint of that readers guide to reading or some sort of a copy? I remember just staring at it for a while each time i walked down the hallway.

Great blog! Another one i'll be visiting from now on for inspiration! i hope everything's going well for you in the "rwon up's" world :]

Francis Vallejo said...

awesome work! what was that lupe sequence for?

Clive said...

Great to see you're back posting, lovely stuff as usual. Love to see the sketches!

Bobby Pontillas said...

So great! I love this fun little piece